Tips & Tricks to Build Customer Loyalty in Your Beauty Business

Tips & Tricks to Build Customer Loyalty in Your Beauty Business
Tips & Tricks to Build Customer Loyalty in Your Beauty Business

We understand how challenging it can be for nail technicians, hairstylists, cosmetologists, lash artists, and salon administrators to ensure customer loyalty. Especially in an era where it seems like there's nothing new to impress clients with and no innovations to bring to the table.

However, we believe that by following some of our recommendations and tricks below, your clients will always return to your beauty services.

Personalized Communication with Clients: Ditch the bots and automated messages:

  • No one likes talking to an uninspired robot. Communicate personally with clients, analyze their individual needs, and propose unique solutions that they can only find in your beauty salon or studio.
  • Importantly, address clients by their names. 'Good day, Anna. What procedure would you like to schedule?' or 'Welcome back, Daisy! We're thrilled to see you again!'


  • Take notes about each client and pay attention to their desires or suggestions. For instance, 'By the way, Anna, you mentioned you'd like a SPA treatment for your hands. We're delighted to inform you that we've implemented it in the salon, and we'd love to offer you this procedure at a discounted price.'

Tip: We know it might seem like a lot of information to remember about each client, but having an account on STILIO allows you to easily take notes for each client, helping you to have an individual and personalized approach for everyone.

Re-engage Clients if You Haven't Seen Them in a While:

  • You can reach out with a personalized and heartfelt message saying, 'We haven't seen you in our salon for quite some time, during which we truly missed you. We've also introduced some new services.' Attach a link to your STILIO profile where clients can view your services and even schedule appointments directly for their convenience.
  • Or, if they've had facial treatments, spa procedures, laser hair removal, or other cyclic procedures, you can send a message like, 'The last time we saw you for Procedure X was on Date Y. We think it's time for another session to ensure the results meet your expectations.'


Tip: With a well-organized CRM updated daily, you can easily access details about your clients' appointments. Use STILIO to manage your beauty business simply and quickly.

Inform Clients About Your Offers:

We're used to contacting clients only when we need to reschedule an appointment or when they're running late. But how about taking care of them by informing them about special offers?

  • Consider the treatments your client usually opts for, and if you have a good offer for them, don't hesitate to let them know.
  • Perhaps the client has mentioned wanting to undergo a procedure but hesitates due to financial concerns (it's no secret that beauty services can be costly at times, right?). Can you imagine how nice it would be to reach out to the client with a message like, 'Mrs. Amy, we know you've been interested in trying Procedure X for a while now. Now that we have Offer Y available, we thought of you and wanted to inform you about it. Would you like to schedule an appointment?'


Organize Unique Events:

You can host cocooning sessions with various themes aimed at socializing, educating, introducing different products/services, and even selling products/services.

  • Product showcase: Choose a cosmetic, facial care, or hair care brand and invite your clients to try out the products. Also, consider inviting an official representative from the brand (if possible) to talk about the products, brand values, etc. Let your clients test the products on their skin and provide personalized recommendations for each.
  • Masterclasses: Offer sessions on creating natural face or hair masks, making natural cellulite remedies, etc.
  • Seminars: Topics could include nutrition, psychology, psychosomatics, etiquette lessons, femininity lessons, etc.
  • Cocktail day: Offer drinks to all clients during a specific period when they come in for appointments.


Recommendation: Step out of your comfort zone and try out event ideas for your client community that make them feel special. And by the way, sometimes just gathering a group of beautiful women in one place can fill you with more positive energy than anything else.

Offer Personalized Gifts to Your Clients:

  • If you offer services like lash lifting or extensions, consider giving clients a lash brush or oil as a gift. As a nail technician, you can give clients cuticle oil or an orange stick. Similarly, as a hairstylist or barber, you can offer mini products or samples for hair and beard care. Generally, mini-testers and miniature care products are always a good idea, especially for those who travel frequently.
  • Provide small gifts during holidays - International Women's Day, Easter, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Pet Day, ”Thank You” Day - in short, you have 1000 reasons and holidays to pamper your clients.


Additionally, don't forget about the basic tips that are also important:

  • Hygiene comes first. Disinfect, clean, polish, or even prepare personal packages for each client (if your service allows it) with disposable tools.
  • Offer quality services. There's no point in investing in loyalty if you offer poor service.
  • Be present on social media. Everyone should know about the cool events you organize exclusively for your clients.
  • Offer loyalty cards.
  • Give clients the opportunity to schedule your services online, 24/7In today's digital age, offering online appointment scheduling is a must-have for attracting and retaining clients. With STILIO's online appointment feature, clients can easily book their preferred services at their convenience, whether they're visiting your salon, spa, or beauty center. This convenience factor can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients appreciate the flexibility and ease of booking appointments.


In conclusion, the most important thing is to have the right attitude towards your clients. Offer them love, attention, care, and personality, and you'll certainly be rewarded with thanks, a loyal database, a full appointment schedule, and significantly increased income.

By the way, if you implement one of the ideas we've suggested, post a picture on your story and tag on Instagram to show everyone!

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