Stilio at WORLS MOLDOVA PMU 2024

Stilio at WORLS MOLDOVA PMU 2024
Stilio at WORLS MOLDOVA PMU 2024

We, the STILIO Team, were proud to sponsor the Worlds Moldova event, a prestigious championship for micropigmentation professionals. This competition is among the most esteemed in the industry, bringing together the most talented and innovative specialists from around the globe.

As creators of an app dedicated to beauty industry professionals, our presence at such an event was crucial. Worlds Moldova is not just a competition but also a valuable networking and continuous learning opportunity. Participating allowed us to understand better the needs and challenges faced by micropigmentation specialists. Through our involvement, we aimed to show that STILIO is not just a technological platform but a trusted partner supporting beauty specialists' professional and personal development.


An Exceptional Event

The event took place on June 17-18-19, 2024, and was impeccably organized at the Grand Elysee Hall. We were present throughout the three days of the event and were impressed by the organization and professionalism displayed. Organizers Kristina Stanciu and Delia Delia created a conducive environment for competition, where participants, partners, speakers, and judges enjoyed an extraordinary experience. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and respect, and the high standards of the competition were evident at every moment.

Renowned International Speakers

This year, the event gathered over 20 renowned international speakers at the Grand Elysee Hall, including:

  • Tony Abbagnato
  • Olga Sacali
  • Victoria Solovei
  • Butkevych Olga
  • Alexandr Malovanyi

These experts provided valuable contributions through their presentations and demonstrations, inspiring and educating participants in varied and innovative ways. Each speaker had the opportunity to share their expertise and offer unique insights into current techniques and trends in micropigmentation and beyond.


Contributions of the Speakers at Worlds Moldova 2024

These experts brought invaluable contributions through their presentations and demonstrations, inspiring and educating participants. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, from advanced micropigmentation techniques to innovations in the tools and products used. Live demonstrations allowed participants to see these techniques in action and learn directly from the best in the industry. The experiences and knowledge shared by these speakers were priceless, offering participants not only new information but also inspiration and motivation to improve their skills and expand their professional horizons.

Meetings with STILIO Partners

During the event, we had the pleasure of meeting many STILIO partners who either participated in the competition, served as judges, or were DEMO Speakers, showcasing the working techniques that helped them win international cups and awards. We were delighted to reconnect and interact with:

These meetings reinforced our belief that we are on the right track, supporting our partners and providing them with the necessary platform to demonstrate and share their skills.


Why We Participate in Such Events

You might wonder why STILIO frequently participates in such events. The answer is simple: from the very beginning, we aimed to be more than just a platform or an app offering an electronic schedule for beauty specialists. We wanted to be reliable partners. Participating in events like Worlds Moldova allows us to stay close to our community, understand the challenges and needs of beauty professionals better, and offer relevant and effective solutions.


STILIO: More Than an Electronic Agenda

Being a STILIO partner means always having support at such important events. We are there to discuss, encourage, and support beauty specialists, providing them with not just a technological solution but also emotional and professional support. Our presence at such events demonstrates our commitment to being with our partners at all stages of their careers. We want to be more than an app; we want to be the partners beauty specialists can rely on to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

If you are a beauty professional and want to efficiently manage your appointments and have dedicated support at industry events, download the STILIO app and become our partner. Together, we can grow and develop your business step by step.


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